FREE skills training at the Theatre Show

Please don’t abuse the good will of these companies. If you book, you really need to show up because places are limited. If you are unable to attend and have booked, please notify the organisers as early as possible.

Tuesday 6th June

11:00 – 12:10ETC ColourSourcePalm Court Suite 4
11:00 – 13:00Stage Technologies Automation Programming and OperationPalm Court Suite 5
12:00 – 13:30Ambersphere MA Dot2Palm Court Suite 3
12:30 – 13:40ETC ColourSourcePalm Court Suite 4
14:00 – 17:00Zero 88 FLX Overview TrainingPalm Court Suite 5
14:30 – 16:00Ambersphere MA Dot2Palm Court Suite 3
14:30 – 15:40ETC ColourSourcePalm Court Suite 4
16:00 – 17:40ETC ColourSourcePalm Court Suite 4

Wednesday 7th June

10:00 – 16:00d&b audiotechnik Electroacoustics seminarPalm Court Suite 5
11:00 – 12:10ETC ColourSourcePalm Court Suite 4
11:00 – 12:30Stage Management Association – Introduction to Cueing to Music – Andrew KillianProject 33
12:00 – 13:30Ambersphere MA Dot2Palm Court Suite 3
12:30 – 14:30ETC ColourSourcePalm Court Suite 4
14:30 – 16:00Ambersphere MA Dot2Palm Court Suite 3
14:30 – 15:40ETC ColourSourcePalm Court Suite 4

MA dot2 lighting console training – Ambersphere Solutions are offering places for visitors to the ABTT Theatre Show at Alexandra Palace on both days of the show.

This 90-minute training session will provide an overview of all the features of the MA Lighting dot2 lighting console, designed for smaller and mid-sized shows and venues. It will include hands-on instruction covering all the basic operational features of the dot2 console including how to control fixtures, create presets and cue lists, as well as building chases, using effects and giving you an introduction to the new web remote.

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On Wednesday 7th June, d&b audiotechnik will be presenting its time honoured Electroacoustics seminar at the ABTT Theatre Show, at London’s iconic Alexandra Palace. The free to attend education event is ideal for anyone wanting to know more about how loudspeakers interact with their environment and how that affects what the listener hears.

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To allow time for visiting the show, the session will begin at 11:00 and finish at 16:00 with a one hour break for lunch. Spaces are limited so book as soon as you can. To register, please visit and click on Electroacoustics seminar.

This free of charge 70-minute training session will include an interactive demonstration of ColorSource consoles; each attendee will have hands-on access to a desk, and can explore the main operational features. You’ll also get an overview of the capabilities and benefits of the entire ColorSource family range.

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Introduction to Cueing to Music

Presented by Andrew Killian

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Hands on Learning Session with TAIT Stage Technologies
TAIT Stage Technologies are offering the chance to learn the basics of automation programming and operation.
If you have never had the chance to operate an automation console or you are an experienced operator but
would like to know more, it’s your opportunity to come and have a go.
There will be an experienced programmer on hand to help guide you through.

Free Zero 88 FLX Overview Training is available on Tuesday between 15:00 – 16:30 in the ABTT Training Room, which will cover FLX and what’s new in the latest versions of ZerOS.  For further information and to book your place please visit

This is the current programme as of 24th May 2017. All details are subject to change