West Hall Alexandra Palace

Wednesday 24th June 10:00 – 18.00

Thursday 25th June 10:00 – 17.00

Admission Free to those who pre-register

Registration is now open

Everybody who registered or visited last year will receive an invitation to register for The ABTT Theatre Show 2015. Those who we contacted last year, who did not register will also receive an invitation to register. If you are new to the ABTT Theatre Show, you are now able to register from this website. Registration before June 24th is free of charge. Those who do not pre register will be charged for admission to the exhibition.

Free registration

Our New Community App
This FREE app is for the community that either attends or is interested in the ABTT Theatre Show. Many of you are unable to attend the Theatre Show due to work commitments, so this app has been developed with a view to servicing a community that can keep in touch with each other.

Rather than sifting through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you now have the choice to ring-fence the world of technical theatre by using the private social network inside this App.

For more information and how to use the app, click here