Live Performance @ the PBS

It’s Show Time at the ABTT Theatre Show !

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to join the professionals in action with our FREE and LIVE console programming, plotting and sound balancing sessions. Hands on – get involved. 

IN 2016, we introduced a live performance theatre, packed with practical challenges where visitors joined us for real time working technical rehearsals.

Directed by Antony Johns, 8 experienced and multi talented drama students performed their way through 2 days of performance and replicated the well established disciplines that take us from programming, plotting and technical rehearsals through to showtime.

Technical parters included Robert Juliat Dalis Cyc light, Clay Paky Alpha Profile 800 ST, Clay Paky Scenius Spot, Clay Paky B-eye K20, MA Lighting grandMA2 Light from Ambersphere;  Source Four LED, ColorSource Spot and ColorSource PAR luminaires from ETC.  Another new product, the PRG GroundControl Followspot System, a remotely controlled followspot which allows the user to control a specifically adapted PRG Bad Boy spot luminaire from a distance of up to 60 metres away featured in the rig. The PBS showed product from Triple E, Drapemakers, Gerriets, Hawthorn and the Harmony Appeal floor from Le Mark.

Advance your sound know how, choose the right loudspeakers and tune your sound system – learn how to choose the right mics for the job, balance your speakers and programme your show with QLab 3 and a Digico SD10T & the new RE from Autograph, with Y-Series and V-Series loudspeakers from d&b. These sessions took place in 2016 and we will be updating the information for 2017 when details are confirmed.

On Wednesday morning, the director, cast and technicians arrived in an environment where core equipment was rigged and working, and where the director and artists were ready to rehearse. Three hours later, the performance was be staged.

From 14:30 to 17:30, there was a series of technical notes, discussions and more refined demonstrations and rehearsals. The show that was staged at 13:00 was then be repeated at 17:30 – with a more detailed level of production. Visitors gained insight into ‘before and after’ as a result of technical refinement.

The same process from Wednesday afternoon was repeated on Thursday morning with a show at 12:30 and on Thursday afternoon with a final performance at 15:30.

These new initiatives enabled exhibitors to demonstrate their equipment and enabled visitors to get involved in a relaxed, practical and informal atmosphere.

The Studio Theatre is named in memory of Petrus, a colleague and ABTT Council Member who gave so much to theatre.